Medical Education

MD Connect

MD Connect is the integrated curriculum delivery and administration system specifically designed to support the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in the Melbourne Medical School. As an MD student, you are automatically given access to MD Connect from your first year.

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Features of MD Connect

  • Timetable

    View your own personal weekly timetable. Select a learning event from your timetable to directly access detailed information and learning resources associated with that event.

  • Announcements

    View your announcements to keep up to date with important information relevant to your studies such as timetable changes or upcoming events.

  • Curriculum search

    Conduct keyword or title searches to access learning resources such as lecture slides and recordings, text book readings, journal articles, notes, video and audio files, websites and medical portals.

  • Curriculum browse

    Browse through curriculum material arranged by year, stream and week/theme. You have access to resources for your current year of study and any previous years of study in the MD degree.

  • Library

    Access a targeted selection of medical and biomedical resources through the University library's online collection, including:

    • Numerous online bioscience and medical textbooks
    • Search tools optimised for finding academic, scientific and biomedical information
    • Unrestricted access to key clinical support resources (e.g. Australian Medicines Handbook, ClinicalKey)
    • Other useful sites related to bioscience and medicine, including Medical and Biomedical LibGuides.
  • Electronic health records (EHRs)

    Develop expertise in creating, storing and managing high quality digital patient records. You can capture details of your clinical experience and store de-identified patient records in a secure database. The EHR feature is introduced to MD students in Year 1.

  • Procedure logs

    Record when and where you performed a particular clinical procedure and access key information about performing these procedures. The procedure logs feature is available to MD students in year 2 and beyond.

MD Connect support

If you would like assistance accessing or using MD Connect please make a support request.