Medical Education


Going through a tough time?

If you're 18–25 years and going through a tough time, ReachOut NextStep is an online tool that can help you work out what’s going on and then recommend support options so that you can take the next step towards getting help and feeling better.

NextStep includes the specific health services that are available for University of Melbourne Medical Schools Students.

  • NextStep is free and available 24/7 on any device connected to the internet so that you can conveniently access help whenever and wherever you want it.
  • Youll never be asked to sign-up to use ReachOut NextStep. This means you can access support without having to tell us who you are.
  • NextStep guides you step by step so that you can go at your pace, without pressure. Every recommendation has a range of options, which means you can always choose what you want to do next.
  • More than 500 young people helped create ReachOut NextStep and we carefully select University and youth-friendly services that will understand what you’re going through.
  • Open NextStep

    - find the best support options in four easy steps.